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The sound echoed off the walls as his open hand retrieved itself from her red face, shock in her teary eyes.  His grey eyes were cold. ‘I hate you.’ He turned to leave.
‘I don’t believe that.’  She swung her head to face him, he stopped.
‘What do I need to do to make you believe this?  To make you leave me?’  He kept his back to her.
She shied away from his heartless voice. ‘Look me in the eye and tell me you truly hate me, and I will forget you, every moment we spent together, every time our lips touched, every moment I felt safe in your arms, every conversation we ever had, every look we ever exchanged.  When you pass me on the street we will be strangers, nothing familiar will pass between us, but only if you can say that you truly hate me.’ She looked at his raven hair.
He turned and looked straight into her brown eyes. ‘I truly hate you.’  No lie showed in his eyes, they were emotionless ice.
She bowed her head, ‘I’m sorry for taking up your time, sir.’ She looked at him, a silent tear slid down her cheek and she retreated the room.  He watched as the door closed and turned to be shoved un-kindly into the wall.
‘Why did you let her walk away?’ The others eyes glowed red.
Tears poured down his face, ‘because I love her.’
‘She was telling the truth, idiot,’ the other slackened his grip, his head fell onto the grey eyed man’s shoulder, ‘she has already forgotten you.’
‘I knew what I was doing when she stepped into the room.’
‘No you didn’t, Talon, you have no idea how hard it will be to forget her.  It will be like trying to forget your own name.’
‘She is happier without me, Evol.’  He turned from the red eyes.
‘Do you ever think of yourself?’  Evol had Talon’s face in his hands.
‘Not when it comes to the ones I love.’  He touched Evol’s face.
‘In the end you will die of heart ache and I will be the only one to mourn you.’  He pushed Talon’s hand aside, he slid down the wall and rested on the floor, head in hands.
‘And that is what keeps me going.’ Talon leaned forward and stroked Evol’s golden locks.
He shoved him away, ‘You are infuriating.’  He stood, never looking at Talon, ‘I hope you realize that she won’t be happy, she will never find happiness, she will never find true love again and will die alone and un-happy.’  He walked out of the room, never looking back.
His stormy eyes widened, tears forming, ‘What have I done?’

The light was dim, the night cold.  She stood there in the rain waiting, she didn’t know for what.  The amber tresses stuck to her back as the skies tears soaked her to the bone, yet she waited.  The fabric of her long sleeved shirt pressed to her sleek figure and she waited.  Her muddy eyes scanned the sidewalk for anyone whom she might know.  The street lamp flickered, a shudder down her back.  Foot steps came around the corner and she turned to face them.  His grey eyes looked at her under his hood, an umbrella under his arm.  He was tall and slightly built, his black hair wet with the fresh rain.  He smiled as he saw her and she couldn’t help but smile back.  He seemed perfect as he came and stood next to her, under the light pole.  He opened the umbrella; handing it to her he pulled of his hood.
‘Been a while.’ He looked at the sky.
She couldn’t help but look at him, ‘I think we met before.’  She thought she might have seen him in a club or bar, but he seemed so much like home.
A deep breath left him; water fell from his eye, a falling star across the moon.  ‘It’s hard to breath these days.’  His hand pressed against his chest where his heart lay beneath the flesh and fibers.  He finally looked at her, his eyes brimming with tears.  ‘Have you really forgotten me?’
She turned from him then, dropped the umbrella and walked away.  He stood in the light, which flickered now, and watched her leave one step at a time.
‘Go after her.’  Red eyes gleamed in the shadows.
‘But she has made her choice.’  He watched her as his heart broke.
‘Think of yourself for once.’  A hand pushed his shoulder ever so slightly.
He stepped forward, hand outstretched. ‘Wait, please.  Abi, wait.’  She stopped, the wind blowing her wet locks.  ‘I’m dying inside,’ a step to her, ‘I can’t sleep,’ step, ‘all I do is think of you,’ closer, he can smell her now, ‘I said it wrong before,’ her warmth, he can almost touch her; ‘I truly love you.’ He stops short of brushing her shoulders with his hands; she won’t turn to look at him.
‘I have forgotten you. Every moment we spent together, every time our lips touched, every moment I felt safe in your arms, every conversation we ever had, every look we ever exchanged.  We are strangers.’  And she took a step forward.
His hand grabbed her arm.  ‘Then why do you know me?’
‘Because it’s hard to forget your own name.’  She didn’t look at him.  
‘I know,’ he pulled her toward him, making her face him; ‘I’ve tried.’ The light flickered.  The rain picked up, pelting the two figures that stood together on the sidewalk.  He leaned forward and kissed her pale lips.
umm so i wrote this not really knowing what i was really writing about... so it's not finished... like everything else that i write... :D
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