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I remember my last day in the sun as the most vivid day in my existence.  That day I had no worries, the world was perfect, the sky a deep blue, the most cloudless day known to man.  I spent the entire day in the huge field on the edge of town, I had friends that lived there, by know they would have all died off, they wouldn’t let me near them even if they were still alive today.  I sang, and danced, and just let the world slip from my mind.  That afternoon I fell into the grass, breathless, and I fell into the most peaceful sleep that has ever been upon me.  It was far past sunset when I awoke and my friends had already left.  Finding that odd, I went in search for them, for you see my friends were fairies, and they stay up till all hours of the night.  I was starting to realize that they left for a reason, something evil was close, something that changed my life forever.  

My skirts were bunched up in my hands as I ran through the field looking for my companions, when a shadow fell over me.  Spinning around, I faced a man.  He was tall and thin, with flowing black hair and eyes the color of the glowing moon above us.  His gaze was frightening yet I felt safer with him looking upon me.  He reached out a hand, which bore long fingers, and touched my own black locks, that curled around my own pale face.  

“Are you lost?”  He asked, his silver eyes reflecting my chestnut eyes.  

“No, I am only looking for my friends…” I replied, looking away, but not moving away.  

“Then, may I help you…look for your friends?” His hand touched my cheek.

“I am sorry sir, but I do not even know your name.” I said looking back into his eyes.  

“Do names matter?” his hand was on my chin guiding my face slowly toward his, while his other hand wrapped itself around my waist.  My hands where motionless at my sides.  I wanted to push him away, to scream, and run all the way back home, but my body wouldn’t obey, it let itself get pulled in.  And for some reason I couldn’t stop looking into his eyes, but his eyes closed, right when his lips touched mine.  You see I have been kissed before but the boys in the village always have kisses that were harsh and demanding, while this man who I had just met had a kiss for me that was almost like a promise, he was giving me everything in that one kiss.  My eyes flickered shut, and I pressed my body into his, letting my own kiss tell him that he didn’t have to give me everything, just this kiss.  I felt his hand slide to the back of my neck and he deepened the kiss, as I gripped his coat to just confirm to myself that he was really there and that this was really happening.  

It felt like forever before we finally separated.  He still held me in his arms and I gasped for breath, still holding onto his coat. We gazed into each others eyes and he spoke the one question that I still regret answering yes to, to this day.  

“Would you like to live forever?”

“What kind of question is that?” I asked totally confused.
“The kind you answer yes too.”  He replied without loosing his straight.

“Well everyone wants to live forever, don’t they?”

“So is that a yes?” He said looking at me with hope in those stark silver eyes.  

“Yes.” I said still not totally sure of what I was getting myself into.

A smile spread across his face.  “Good,” he whispered as he bent my face toward his once again.  But his lips passed mine and he pressed my cheek against his.  “This will hurt just a little bit.”  He said softly into my ear.  I had no time to react, for I felt his teeth on my neck and the sharp pain of my own life being sucked from me.  I clutched my hands tightly around his coat.  The pain got so immense, that finally I just blacked out.

I woke once in my sleep to a liquid pouring down my throat, thick and cold, the taste like iron and salt.  But then before I found out what the substance was I blacked out again.  I had dreams that night that horrify me to this day.  I felt such pain in that non-waking sleep that I finally just wanted to die.  And eventually, I did.

And then my eyes opened.

I bolt down a side street.  My hood falls, revealing my long hair.  I am not allowing him to catch me, not after at least a hundred years of running away from him.  I turn another corner and run right into his broad chest.  I quickly recover, pulling myself away and whipping out my dagger.  

“Stay away.”  I hiss at him.

“Come, you would have run to me a hundred years ago.  What has changed now?” He smiles at his own snide remark, his arms outstretched, you might even say, welcoming.

“You, of all people, should know what has changed, Vice.”  I bark at him, keeping my ground.  

“Don’t call me that.”  His calm expression faded, distaste tinting his metallic eyes.

“Why?  It is your name, isn’t it?”  My lips curl; I have hit a weak spot.  But he is more experienced than me and I find myself against the alley wall.  

“So you enjoy pushing my buttons, do you?”  He hisses into my ear, as I try to struggle from his iron grip.  “You like to torture me?  Tell me, do you like it when I get mad, or just when I take my anger out on you?”  His face was now right in front of mine.  The anger in his eyes was making them glow in the soft moonlight.  

We stood there for a good ten minutes, just looking into each others eyes, sliver and gold, the moon and the sun.  “Well, ANSWER ME!!!”  He bellowed.  

“No, master.  I don’t enjoy…. pushing your buttons.” I didn’t move my eyes from his.  

A sigh escaped through his lips.  “Good.”  Then there it was again, his soft lips against mine, pressing, giving, loving, and I was yet again pulled into him.  The one person in the whole entire universe I hate, and yet I can’t get enough of him.  In just one kiss he can make me do what ever he wants of me, but then again he has had hundreds of years of practice.

I pull away, banging my head on the wall in the process.  

A smile spreads across his beautiful face.  “What don’t like the way I kiss?”

“That’s just the problem.” I whisper under my breath.

He presses his face against my neck and wraps his arms around me.

“Oh Rose,” he whispers, “Why did we end up like this?  It seems as though you are so far from me.  You are my first fledgling, I always want you near.”  He kissed my neck were he bit me almost two hundred years ago.

My eyes opened.  

The cool air ruffled my hair.  He was at my side.  Fingers curled around mine.  His hair tangled with my own.  I looked at his still form; it was as if he was just a child, quiet and troubled.  I didn’t even know his name, and yet here we were, lying next to each other.

We were both clothed so I knew nothing happened.  But everything else was a blur.  Then it all came back, the night, the dark figure, the kiss, and the blood being drained from my body.  I quickly pulled away from his sleeping figure.  I backed into the corner of the small room.  

It was pitch black, yet I could see perfectly, as if my dreams were this dark.  I stared at him, for I could see no door on any of the walls for me to escape.  His eyes flickered open.  

He turned onto his stomach and looked up at me.

“Ah, good, you’re already awake.”  A faint smile played across his face.  He stood and walked over to me.  I shrunk away from him, wanting the corner to swallow me whole.  He knelt in front of me and placed his hands on either of my sides, blocking anyway of escape.  “Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you, not anymore.”  One of his hands was on my neck, drawing me out of my corner.  He moved forward, his lips brushed across my forehead, and I pulled away.
Ok so i am testing out my prose on all, ya'll hope you like it.. if not SAD DAY! anywho... yeah... it explains itself... and if you like it i will put up some of the comic that i started for it...:D
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i was going to make it into an online comic... didn't work out... blargh
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